Who We Are




Cub Scout PACK 17 is located in Macomb Township, Michigan. We meet at Beck Elementary on Hayes road just south of 25 Mile road. Our sponsor organization is Beck Family Volunteers with additional support from North Macomb Sportsman's Club located in Washington, MI.

Our goal is to help young boys build character, learn to help others, help their community, and to foster strong family ties. At the same time we provide opportunities for fun and educational activities, outdoor experiences and learning.

Cub Scouts is a faith based organization welcoming all faiths.  While not promoting any specific religion or belief set, dedication and adherence to a boy's ideals and practices are encouraged and rewarded.

We are an inclusive organization, welcoming all creeds, colors, religions and sexual orientations.

We strongly encourage every scout's family to become involved with  pack activities.  Parents can become a pack's Scout leaders or an active participant in our pack comittees.

We are a scouting organization that has scouting activities on a monthly basis, pack camp outs, pack overnighters, and encourages all Dens to meet at least twice a month.

All scout leaders are trained to help the scouts and their parents get the most out of scouting.

Family support builds  exceptional Cub Scouts,  it builds strong Dens, and leads to a strong and active Cub Scout Pack that thrives and supports its' community.